Approximately 15.19 lakhs students had registered for NEET 2019. BYJU’S- The Learning App is known for providing the best course for competitive exams like NEET. Revise at most 4 chapters a day of each subject, like one from Physics, one from Chemistry, one from Botany, and one from Zoology. By this method, in a day you will revise 4 chapters, and for the whole syllabus it will take 17 days to complete, and you still have 3 days left for you to easily revise. Since biology is more of a facts based subject, it’ll be shear wastage of time, energy and money to buy different books for theory.

how to crack neet by self study

Try to solve as many as possible within the allotted time. As far as MCQs are concerned, NCERT based test series are the best. However, you must make sure that the book has all the MCQs that NEET asks. The other way is to solve as many tests as possible and analyze the learning. Understand the Exam pattern properly- Before you begin preparing, make sure you understand the NEET exam pattern. The NEET question paper contains 45 questions from the Physics, Chemistry, Botany, and Zoology sections, with each question worth 4 marks.

The NEET exam lasts three hours and consists of 180 questions. In other words, a student has approximately one minute to answer one question. As a result, a good sense of time is essential, especially when it comes to competitive exams. As a result, aspirants are frequently advised to take mock tests/question papers in the ideal exam scenario with a 3-hour time frame. For NEET preparations, the selection of a right question bank for practising NEET UG level questions is of utmost importance. If your practice questions are not NEET level questions, you are simply wasting your time.

Before set your goal you have calculate time, how much time remaining for Exam and how much time you want to achieve goal. Test series have unique features like customizing the papers, immediate analysis of the test results, understanding weak areas, etc. The moment you finish your test, you can check the results to know where you stand in the preparation level. It gives you a fair idea about how much more you need to prepare and improvise.

How To Prepare For The NEET UG in 20 Days And Score Maximum Marks?

The answer is that NTA conduct NEET Exam Once time in every year. There is only one chance to get admission in medical colleges in a year. According to Brajesh Maheshwari, director of the ALLEN Career Institute, the paper as compared to last year’s NEET exam, was overall easy. In Physics, out of total 45 questions, 7 can be determined as difficult. The same level of difficulty was seen in Chemistry.

Is MTG Physics good for NEET?

A timetable helps students prioritize their studying, as it helps them stay grounded and on track. Timetables also prevent overstimulation and overlap of tasks. The best timetables also highlight various subjects and activities according to their relative difficulty. It also makes sure that less important subjects are not overlooked. However, this timetable can seem overwhelming for students, so setting realistic goals is essential to stay focused. Master your strong points while doubling down on your weak points. To improve in the weaker areas, one should solve as many samples and previous year’s question papers as possible, as well as take as many mock tests as possible.

However, there are also 525 BVSc & AH seats, and AYUSH seats. In the quest of preparing for the NEET exam, candidates should try different apps. Darwin is one such app that can assist students in their preparation for the exam. It features video lectures with subtitles in over 67 regional and international languages. Furthermore, it offers students the opportunity to study from previous year question papers. This app is recommended for all students who want to crack the NEET exam with ease. This app comes with an excellent price tag and is definitely worth trying out.